More Sentencing Memos, More Nothing from Mueller

Watch your step. The BS is flowing in the Mainstream Media right now. Take for example this article which talks about how “every Russian overture was greeted with greater enthusiasm”. That’s cover for the fact that when Michael Cohen was asked by the Russians to set up a meeting between Trump and Putin, he blew them off. That’s reality, not this liberal wet dream where Trump is a secret Russian agent.
What did the Manafort and Cohen sentencing docs show us? From Mueller, almost nothing. They lied about a couple details, which to Mueller is a big deal but so far has been a yawnfest for the courts. George Papadopoulos got two weeks in jail for lying to Mueller, Flynn is about to get off free.
Michael Cohen is going down for a lot of stuff. But when it comes to Trump, the closest they got was payoffs to women who MAY have been mistresses to Trump at one point. The Avenatti girls currently have about as much credibility as a Kavanaugh accuser. But here’s the thing, even if Trump directed Michael Cohen to pay them off and bill him personally for it, which is what Cohen did, the courts have already decided that is not illegal. Where? In the case where John Edwards was actually using campaign cash, not his own money, to pay off his longtime mistress. That case would be over before it started, no matter how overzealous the NY prosecutors who demonstrably hate Trump are.
Michael Cohen is looking at spending the rest of his life in jail. But despite Mueller’s claim that Cohen cooperated, there is scant evidence he did anything to deliver the President on a silver platter. If he had, he wouldn’t be staring down life in prison with a plea deal.  Sorry, not life, just 50+ years for someone who is already over 50.  That’s not what you get for bringing down the President of the United States.  That’s what you get when you stop lying about your own crimes.
Then we have the Michael Flynn sentencing memo.  Flynn cooperated, according to Mueller.  The truth is, Flynn wasn’t going to jail anyway.  This show of gracious clemency was Mueller saving face.  Flynn didn’t give up Trump because he had nothing to give.
That brings us to Manafort.  What is most interesting about the Manafort case is that while he was laundering money to the Podesta Group, there has been zero hint of an indictment coming for the Podestas.
So far there has been no evidence presented that Trump has done anything illegal.  Contrast that with Hillary Clinton and it’s clear the media is losing their minds about the wrong thing.  As a matter of fact, while the media tears their hair out over Trump, a US judge just ordered the Justice and State departments to reopen the Clinton email server investigation.  They are now looking into how the FOIA request for her emails was handled and whether there was a coverup to protect her.  We already know there was, which is why Congress was interviewing former FBI head James Comey just yesterday.
The media is recycling the “Trump is having a bad day” headline once again, but there still appears to be no evidence to back this up.