Somali Refugee Attacks Students With Knife and Car

Today was a terrifying day for Ohio State students.  Somali refugee Abdul Razaq Ali Artan plowed his car into a group of students on campus and came out swinging with a kitchen knife.  11 were sent to the hospital with injuries.  Although originally reported as an active shooter, 18 year old Artan appears to not have had a gun.  He was shot and killed by the police.

Artan had posted anti-America posts on his Facebook page prior to the rampage.  He seemed to suggest that America was interfering with Muslim countries.  After the attack, Hassan Omar, president of the Somali Community Association of Ohio called it upsetting, adding “We are American and we don’t want somebody to create this problem”.

Shortly after the attack, the Twitter universe erupted with calls for more gun control, including a tweet from Democratic Representative Sheila Jackson Lee decrying the “senseless shooting at an Ohio State University”. While the scene was still fresh, former Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine added that he was “Deeply saddened by the senseless act of gun violence at Ohio State this morning.”  Ohio State University is a gun free zone, and apparently the only shooting was when Artan was shot by police.

In addition to the hero police officer who stopped the attack, there were other heroes on the scene.  In one class room, military students protected their fellow students by closing them in a room and standing guard at the door.

The press is not speculating about the motive.  Our prayers are with the injured and their families.

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