Fake News Alert 8/1/18

Trump is in trouble for suggesting that people need to show ID when they shop for groceries.  He made the comments at a rally in Tampa, FL.  The Florida Times Union began their coverage with the comment “President Donald Trump wrongly claimed that shoppers need to show photo identification to buy groceries and accused Democrats of obstructing his agenda and his Supreme Court nominee during a raucous rally aimed at bolstering two Florida Republicans ahead of the state’s primary.”

Here’s the problem.  In many stores, it is store policy that individuals paying with a personal check show a photo ID.  This includes Wal Mart, among others.

Of course, there is a long standing tradition of Liberals attempting to paint Republicans as out of touch with basic plebeian tasks like grocery shopping.  For example, in President George H.W. Bush’s failed 1992 re-election, the New York Times made up a story about Bush seeing a check out scanner for the first time and being amazed.

I wouldn’t expect a billionaire turned President to be at the grocery store shopping on a regular basis.  But when the media gives an unqualified judgment that Trump is wrong about not showing ID at the grocery store, perhaps they are the ones out of touch with an older generation who still carries a checkbook.

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