What’s next for straw banning Socialists?

One of the California Socialists who voted to ban drinking straws is now apologizing for his comments about what will come next.  Jason Dominguez apologized for putting together a “string of words” that seemed to indicate that they want to “regulate every aspect of people’s lives”.  What was the unfortunate and easily misunderstood string of words?  When explaining the ban on drinking straws, Dominguez said “Unfortunately, common sense is just not common. We have to regulate every aspect of people’s lives.”

I don’t know.  That seems really straight forward to me.  I mean, I’m not sure how he could have accidentally strung those words together.  Ken Oplinger of the Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce defended Dominguez saying he probably didn’t mean what he said and was simply being “politically dumb”.  Dominguez excused his remarks, saying “A few weeks ago I made a string of words in a rhetorical fashion about regulation and they were not taken as rhetorical and that’s my fault so I want to apologize.”

I suppose it was difficult to understand that he didn’t really mean what he said about regulating people’s lives since he had just voted to ban drinking straws.

California politician apologizes for stating his agenda aloud

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